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The lottery vs bingo

We have all had those fanciful conversations about the things we would do if we won the lottery. The dream of escaping into our own wild fantasies, which usually involve dropping everything and living life without the worry of money, hang on to just 6 randomly accumulated numbers imprinted on the side of plastic balls. Within a couple of minutes, the fantasy is shattered for yet another week, and the pink lottery ticket is replaced with the poignant reality of a shopping list, and a household bill. The madness of it is that some of us put ourselves through this torture twice a week!


Despite including smaller wins than the Lottery, with prizes of up to several hundred thousand pounds you still can exercise your dreams with Paddy Power bingo! Then there is the added value to Bingo, which money just cannot buy. Gameplay can go on for hours, and even after 20 – 30 numbers are read out, you are still very much in the game. Your lines begin to fill up, the excitement intensifies as this time it just might be your lucky game! And it often is! The chances of winning Bingo is determined purely by how many other people are competing in your game (1 in 14 million with the national lottery!)

You can also enjoy the social aspects of both traditional and online bingo. If you are out with friends and helping to blot each other’s numbers, or in chat rooms. You share the experience and the joys of winning as there is a camaraderie that you share with other bingo goers that you just don’t get in any other kind of gambling.

At the end of a Bingo night, you just might come away with more than you went in with, and that’s not just referring to the money in your pocket; you can look back on the hours of fun you have had with friends sharing the ups and the downs. The brilliance of places like Paddy Power bingo is that we put ourselves through this excitement as often as we like!



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